Private Equity Week Wire for Thursday 1/11

LOS ANGELES — Dynamics Direct Inc. has closed a $12.5 million round of
Series D preferred financing, co-led by Botticelli Venture Funds (whose significant investors include Omnicom Group Inc.) and
Mofet Venture Capital Fund, with investment, also, from Poalim Capital Markets Technologies Ltd.
Other investors in the round include Polaris Venture Capital (a fund affiliated with Chase Capital Partners), Eucalyptus
Ventures and Concord Ventures, all of which invested in the company in previous rounds.

WALTHAM, MA — Ion Optics, Inc. took the next step in commercializing its optical
technology platform by closing its first round of private placement financing. The company raised $1.4 million to support
prototype development of Ion Optics’ optical-based gas sensor made on silicon wafers utilizing MEMS (microelectromechanical
systems) technology. The funding round was significantly oversubscribed. Fechtor, Detwiler and Co., Inc. of Boston acted as
Ion Optics’ investment banker and financial adviser in this private placement. Lead investors include Ardesta, LLC (formerly
MEMS Tech) of Ann Arbor, Michigan and Ideal Partners of New York and Washington. This private placement follows
previous development funding secured through the highly prestigious ATP (Advanced Technology Program) from the US
National Institute of Standards and Technology.

WASHINGTON, DC — Washington Investment Partners (WIP), a private equity investment holding company based in the nation