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Private Equity Week Wire for Wednesday 1/30

NEW YORK – U.S. private equity investors are confident that the overall economic performance of Latin America in 2001 will be positive, citing Brazil (44%) and Mexico (22%) as their two most popular investment destinations for the next twelve months, according to the fourth annual survey of U.S.-based private equity funds by PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Latin America Business Center (LABC). Other key findings included that return on investments in Latin America last year met the expectations of the majority (67%) of the funds responding. Also,
in 2001, the entertainment/media/communications/information technology sector (29%) will be the most active for U.S. private equity investment. The financial services sector (25%) will be the second most active sector for investments planned in 2001, followed by the energy (8%), retail (4%) and consumer products (4%) sectors.

SAN FRANCISCOPrivateTrade announced today the launch of its member registration campaign which moves the company closer to the introduction of the first exchange for secondary private equity partnerships, expected later this quarter. As part of its roll-out, PrivateTrade is reaching out to institutional investors via multiple direct contact campaigns and the firm