QualVu Raises First Round

QualVu, a Denver-based developer of an online video platform for qualitative research, has raised $750,000 in Series A funding. The round was led by ServiceMagic.com co-founders Mike Beaudoin and Rodney Rice.




QualVu, a Colorado-based technology start-up that has developed a web-based video platform for qualitative research, today announced it has closed $750,000 in Series A funding.  The round was led by the co-founders of ServiceMagic.com, Mike Beaudoin and Rodney Rice.  The company plans to use the funding to fuel further development and growth of their online business-driven video platform.  In conjunction with this funding, Mike Beaudoin and Rodney Rice joined the Board of Directors, along with QualVu CEO and Founder John Williamson.


“QualVu has assembled a world-class team delivering a consumer-driven video platform focused on solving critical problems in the qualitative research space, and importantly provides a compelling solution to quantitative research vendors,” said Beaudoin.  “We are excited to provide early stage financing, because we were impressed with the team's ability to develop and bring to market a solid, scalable, easy-to-use technology in a market of considerable potential.”


QualVu sells its web-based video solution to market research providers, including moderators, quantitative research firms, advertising agencies, as well to online communities, who leverage the application on behalf of their corporate clients.  Using QualVu, researchers can easily record and post video questions to targeted audiences, who review and respond through an intuitive video response interface directly from their web browser.   Video answers are immediately available to researchers, who turn the video into business intelligence via the proprietary QualVu Report Builder, where clips can be viewed, edited, downloaded, and presented to their clients. 


“We see QualVu as key in realizing the value of consumer-generated video content that is not only engaging, but relevant to businesses by enabling them to get answers to questions that only consumers can answer, and with QualVu they get that intelligence in a candid, face-to-face format,” said Rice.  “QualVu takes online qualitative beyond the 'text only' constraints of message boards and chat-based options, and delivers on the promise of online, scalable, cost effective research without  compromising feedback quality.”


“We're delighted to have the resources to bring QualVu to market, and have such a deep well of expertise in Mike, Rodney, and the entire investor group,” said Williamson.   “Investment from a team of this caliber is an important validation of our vision to change the dynamics of qualitative research.  This investment enables us to make important inroads into the marketplace