Quarterly IPO Wrap-Up

Today represents the end of Q3 2006, which means that it’s time for a quick look back on the quarter’s PE-backed IPO activity. Buyout-backed offerings bested VC-backed offerings in terms of both volume and total raised (see chart below), but LBO-backed companies were not so fortunate in the aftermarket.


The average aftermarket performance for VC-backed IPOs was 22.73%, as of yesterday’s market close, with all but one company trading above its IPO offering price. This compares to a paltry 1.07% for the buyout-backed crowd, which had only two companies above IPO offering price (plus one at break-even). It also is important to note that the below totals include two companies that priced yesterday – Shutterfly (VC) and Bare Escentuals (BUY) – and that neither of them, therefore, are included in the aftermarket calculations.

Quarter VC-Backed IPOs Total Raised