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Question of the Week Results: AT&T Deal #Fail

The results are in, and I have to admit I’m surprised. By a margin of more than three to two, peHUB readers have declared “game over” on AT&T’s bid for T-Mobile.

More than 60% of you think the acquisition will not go through as a result of the Justice Department’s decision to sue to block the deal. Fewer than 40% believe the deal will pass antitrust muster.

For what it’s worth, my prediction is that AT&T will find a way. Maybe the company will have to retain some of T-Mobile’s cheap subscription plans as the price of approval. Maybe it will have to make good on that promise to bring 5,000 jobs home to the United States from other countries where it has call centers now.

But it goes through.

But, on the other hand, you dear readers did not conclude that the pinkosocialistcommiesympathizers of the Obama administration would go after other M&A deals. By 54% to 46%, you said this suit does not presage other antitrust initiatives.

And there you are probably right. After all, if the Comcast/NBC-Universal deal didn’t prompt an antitrust outcry, then practically anything goes.

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