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Question Of The Week RESULTS, UPDATED: Gruebel Out At UBS

UPDATE: We have a winner. One of our perceptive readers wrote in Oswald Gruebel, CEO of UBS, as the most likely next candidate to be shown the door. Indeed, Gruebel resigned on Saturday in the wake of a $2.3 billion trading scandal. The black crepe watch continues for the other candidates on our list. Our earlier post:

Most likely next to get the boot: Jim Balsillie of Research in Motion, who narrowly edged out Brian Moynahan of Bank of America in our question of the week on the executive who follows Léo Apotheker of HP out the door.

Balsillie, with a 28.3% plurality of your votes, is the executive behind the once-dominant Blackberry, which has been losing market share, and mind share, to devices like the iPhone and Android gadgets. Moynahan, with a 23.6% showing, is the one who, facing a hydra-headed mortgage scandal, decided to eviscerate his bank’s wealth management and consumer banking leadership.

Tim Armstrong of AOL and Reed Hastings of Netflix tied for third, with 15.1% each. The chart shows the others.

We also got a handful of write-in votes, a couple of which seemed somewhat unfair: Ursula Burns of Xerox, whose only fault appears to be the company’s slumping stock price; Cathy Burzik of the wound care company Kinetic Concepts, who negotiated a $6.3 billion go-private with Apax Partners, the closest thing to a mega-deal that we’ve seen since the financial crisis; and one that did seem legitimate, Oswald Grubel of UBS, the Swiss bank rocked by a rogue trader’s $2 billion loss in a case that went on for three years.

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