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Question of the Week RESULTS: Not So Hot

Greg Smith’s kiss-off to Goldman Sachs may have been Topic One for the chattering classes of Wall Street this week, but his fiery farewell didn’t impress the voters on peHUB’s Question of the Week.

He didn’t even make the top three.

In fact, the top two on our leaderboard were fictional characters: Darth Vader, whose post was in fact a parody of Smith’s, and Rhett Butler, who offered the most succinct sign-off of our group of exits.

In fairness, these guys probably had better writers behind them.

Smith also was outvoted by Jake DeSantis, whose resignation letter to American International Group had, like Smith’s this week, been used as a New York Times Op-Ed column in 2009.

But, if peHUB voters were unmoved by Smith’s denunciation of Goldman’s ” toxic and destructive ” environment, others took note, including the capitalist tool Forbes. And the market nipped the company’s stock price by 1.3% from the day before the article appeared, to end the week at $122.93, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average was powering ahead by 4.2%, to close Friday at 13,232.62.

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