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Question of the Week: How Are You Affected by Stock Market Volatility? UPDATED

I admit it; I’m a stock market junkie and have been for years. Just watching the feverline move (and MarketWatch has a nice one that continuously updates), you can feel the adrenaline in the market, up or down.

It has been an exciting time lately, too. Since the start of July, there have been at least a dozen days when the Dow Jones Industrial Average moved by more than 400 points intraday. Not surprisingly, the most volatile days—including two when the day’s range was more than 600 points—were during that crazy period in August when the eurozone crisis was at a rolling boil.

But that is supposed to be one of the beauties of financial alternatives; they’re uncorrelated. Still, we all are living in the same material world, so that is our question of the week. How does the stock market roller coaster affect you? We have tried to sketch out a range of possibilities for you, but we also would welcome your insights in the comment section.

UPDATE: The survey is closed. You can see the results here.

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