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Question of the Week: Which Goldman Alum Has Fallen Hardest? UPDATED

It has been a tough couple of weeks for Goldman Sachs alumni.

On Monday, MF Global—a global commodities and derivatives brokerage launched by onetime Goldman CEO Jon Corzine—descended into bankruptcy as clients fled the firm’s bets on risky European debt. That came just five days after Rajat Gupta, a former Goldman board member, was indicted for his alleged role in Raj Rajaratnam’s insider trading conspiracy.

But Corzine and Gupta aren’t the only Goldman alums to have been brought low in recent years:

  • John Thain, onetime president of the famed investment bank, moved on to Merrill Lynch only to have to sell out to Bank of America in the depths of the credit crisis.
  • Former Goldman Co-Chairman Robert Rubin — after serving as Treasury Secretary in both of President Clinton’s terms — found a job as a senior adviser to Citigroup in 1999 only to help preside over that global banking giant’s long, painful decline.
  • And onetime Goldman Partner J.C. Flowers, who started an eponymous buyout shop focused on financial services, may have lost $47.8 million for investors on MF Global.

Which Goldman alum has fallen the hardest?

UPDATE: This survey is closed. To view the results, click here.

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