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Question Of The Week: Whither Groupon’s IPO? UPDATED

I don’t get Groupon Inc., the “daily deal” company. I even subscribed to its daily e-mails for a while, for about 10 days, getting great bargains I’m sure on products and services that I had absolutely no interest in. So I unsubscribed, seeing no need to litter my in-box voluntarily with e-junk like that.

Apparently I’m in the minority, though. The Chicago e-tailer, having spawned a slew of competitors, is pushing ahead with a roadshow, sister news service Reuters reports, with an eye toward an IPO that could value it above $10 billion, despite volatile market conditions. (If the company had been able to go public before the market swooned this summer, it could have fetched more than $20 billion, market watchers said.)

It has been a bumpy road so far. The company lost its CFO while in registration, has restated its financials repeatedly, has people wondering how they missed its red flags, with some analysts even finding it to be on the road to insolvency.

But its supporters remain enthusiastic, and that’s the question I’m asking you, dear reader. How do you see this company? Is founder Andrew Mason a genius, a fraud or something in between? Is this Internet sensation going to be the next big thing on the stock market, or is it on a fast track to Chapter 11? Feel free to comment in the area below.

I can hardly wait for your responses.

UPDATE: This survey is now closed. Click here for results.


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