Rainer Christine Joining Aescap Venture

Rainer Christine has agreed to join Aescap Venture, a Dutch VC firm focused on European medical companies, as a partner, effective January 1. He previously was co-founder and CEO of German-American biotools company Amaxa.


Rainer Christine will join Aescap Venture, a venture capital company investing in private medical companies in Europe, as fifth Partner with effect from Jan 1, 2010.

Previously, Rainer Christine was the CEO and co-founder of the German-American biotools company Amaxa. Under Rainer’s leadership Amaxa grew from start-up in 1998 to a full-fledged and profitable life science company with strong scientific and commercial activities, 160 staff in Europe and the US, and more than EUR 100 million in cumulative sales. In 2008, Amaxa was successfully sold to Swiss Lonza, a global supplier to the life-science industry.

About Aescap Venture – www.aescap.com
Aescap Venture is a venture capital company investing in private medical companies in Europe. Aescap invests in high-potential companies with realistic product opportunities and the potential to generate cash flow from licensing deals. This involves investments in all phases of development with an emphasis on earlier stages. Aescap Venture’s added value is based on a multi-disciplinary team of experienced investment partners. Each has a proven track record of success and the skills to coach entrepreneurs in accelerating the growth of their companies.