RBS Exposure to U.S. LBOs

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc (RBS.L) unveiled the biggest loss in British corporate
history on Monday, sending its shares reeling to their lowest in over a quarter of a century.

The company said it will increase its U.K. lending in return for government support. It added on a conference call it would reduce its exposure to international lending “over time,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

RBS was one of the lenders in the following U.S. leveraged buyouts. In most cases the loans do not mature before 2013, meaning they have no immediate need to refinance with the bank.

The data on the LBOs is from Thomson Reuters. The total loan amount is an amount lent by all banks in the syndicate, not just RBS.

Alltel             TPG/GS       $16.3 bln     2013-15
Thomson Learning   Apax         $5.3 bln      2013-14
GE Plastics        Saudi Basic  $4.2 bln      2012-14
US Foodservice     KKR, CDR     $3.2bln       2013-14
Getty Images       H&F          $1bln         2013-15
(Reporting by Megan Davies and Karen Brettell; Editing by Andre Grenon)