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RedShift Forms Advisory Board

RedShift Ventures, an Arlington, Va.-based early-stage venture firm, has formed an advisory board. Its members are: Frank Bonsal, co-founder of NEA; Renny DiPentima, former CEO of SRA International; Nariman Farvardin, provost and former dean of engineering at the University of Maryland; Tom McDonough, president and COO of Sourcefire; and Tom Ridge, CEO of Ridge Global and former Homeland Security Secretary and Pennsylvania Governor.


RedShift Ventures, an early stage venture capital firm focused on tech transfer and spin-outs from universities, research centers and corporations, announced today a world-class Advisory Board, whose diversified experience base will uniquely help grow the firm in the coming decades.  Members of the RedShift Ventures Advisory Board include:

*          Frank Bonsal: co-founder of New Enterprise Associates (NEA), highly successful venture capitalist, prominent angel investor in dozens of start-ups, former general partner at investment bank Alex. Brown

*          Renny DiPentima: former CEO of SRA International, only CXO to win Government Executive of the Year while in both the private and public sectors, Board member on several public and private companies

*          Nariman Farvardin: Provost and former Dean of Engineering of the University of Maryland, leading authority on research, technology and entrepreneurship on university campuses, co-founder of numerous start-ups

*          Tom McDonough: President & COO of Sourcefire, well-known and regarded serial entrepreneur now on his fourth successful growth company, established team builder and authority on software companies

*         Tom Ridge: CEO of Ridge Global LLC, first Secretary of Homeland Security, former Governor of Pennsylvania, former Congressman, leading public policy authority on security, technology and education issues

“We are privileged to have these five outstanding, well-respected, seasoned executives join our Advisory Board and help us grow RedShift Ventures” said General Partner Mark Frantz.  “We targeted these specific five gentlemen to join our team because each of them has world-class talent and experience in technology, finance, and building great enterprises.  In addition, each one of them brings a unique and substantial network of contacts to our firm and our portfolio companies.”

Commenting on behalf of the entire Advisory Board, Governor Tom Ridge said “We are all very pleased to join the RedShift Ventures team, to help invest in, grow and exit successful companies, in this region and across the country.  The team at RedShift Ventures is an ambitious, energetic, disciplined partnership and we look forward to helping them build a world-class early stage venture capital firm.”

About RedShift Ventures – RedShift Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm focused on tech transfer and spin-out opportunities from universities, research centers and corporations. RedShift primarily invests in the communications, microelectronics and information technology sectors and is traditionally the first institutional investor in a company. With the assistance of a world-class Advisory Board, RedShift works with entrepreneurs to build great companies based on compelling and differentiated technologies.  RedShift Ventures has over $220 million under management and is headquartered in Arlington, VA.  For more information, please visit