Report: Facebook’s IPO Could Be Delayed

Facebook’s long-awaited IPO could slide into June.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, has been more focused on running the social networking site and making acquisitions than on preparing for the initial public offering, according to CNBC. The Facebook roadshow “is more likely” to launch on May 14 or “even as late as the very end of May,” the story says. This means that Facebook probably won’t go public until early or mid-June.

Facebook’s roadshow was expected to begin May 7. An IPO was slated for May 17.

Zuckerberg has been busy. Most recently, Facebook agreed to buy Instagram, a photo-sharing service, for $1 billion. Facebook yesterday announced it was buying 650 patents from Microsoft for $550 million.

Last month, Zuckerberg also came under scrutiny when he reportedly skipped an IPO meeting with analysts and bankers. The Wall Street Journal reported that the young CEO prefers to take a back seat in selling the IPO to analysts.

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