Report: Lynn Tilton Screamed, Spit and Raged on Desktops

Lynn Tilton, the head of Patriarch Partners, must’ve really upset some people at Forbes.

Today, Forbes unveiled their latest installment on Tilton. This post, “Lynn Tilton: Managing Through Fear,” is about the exec’s former employees and business associates. Tilton allegedly propositioned male employees, screamed, spit and raged on desktops, according to the story.

also looked at the revolving door of management at MD Helicopters, a Patriarch portfolio company. Nearly 50 senior execs have been hired and fired, or left willingly, since Tilton acquired the company in 2005, the story said.

I’ve read many of Forbes’s “examinations” of Tilton. The magazine has been quite busy, rolling out roughly 10 separate pieces (there are so many I may have missed a couple) on her. They’ve looked at Tilton’s character, her background, her net worth and, of course, even allowed Ms. Tilton to respond to their coverage. The stories have not been flattering [Ed note: Not that our choice of art is, either].

I wonder how all this bad press is affecting Tilton’s reality series or if its more likely providing a good bump for her. The show will likely attract many eyeballs when it does air.

When Forbes began their coverage earlier this month, I left messages for Tilton to respond to peHUB. I heard nothing back. Today, I’ve left another.