Revelry Backs EVOL Burritos

Phil’s Fresh Foods, a Boulder, Colo.-based maker of EVOL Burritos, has received its second private equity investment from Revelry Brands. No financial terms were disclosed.


Revelry Brands (Revelry) recently announced that it has funded its second investment into Phil’s Fresh Foods LLC, the producer of EVOL Burritos (EVOL). Revelry Brands is a Boulder-based investment firm focused on providing growth-stage private equity to unique, innovative businesses in the natural foods and consumer products categories.

Revelry made its first investment in the company in March of 2009 through the Burrito Investment Group (BIG) which is jointly managed by Revelry Brands and Spier Consumer Capital.  Since its initial investment, Revelry has actively worked with EVOL on its rebranding (EVOL was formerly named Phil’s Fresh Foods).  Within three months of the rebranding launch, EVOL Burritos became the #2 natural/organic frozen burrito brand in the country.

“EVOL Burritos aligns perfectly with Revelry Brands’ commitment to investing in companies in the Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) market,” said Brendan Synnott, Founder of Revelry Brands.” EVOL is dedicated to transforming the frozen burrito category by offering consumers a great tasting, all natural burrito made through sustainable practices.”

With product line expansion and increased national distribution on the horizon, EVOL is well-positioned to take advantage of Revelry Brands’ deep, first-hand knowledge of the natural foods and consumer products categories. Synnott has spent the majority of his business career as a successful entrepreneur dedicated to guiding lifestyle brands to their growth potential. In 2002, he co-founded the healthy snack company, Bear Naked, and within five years, grew the company to become the market leader in the granola category, both in market share and growth. As a result, Kellogg acquired Bear Naked in 2007.

“Burrito Investment Group’s first investment allowed us to re-launch the brand—and we were highly successful in that endeavor,” said Phil Anson, Founder of Phil’s Fresh Foods. “With this second investment, we plan to expand our product offerings and continue our national distribution push; needless to say, we’re excited for what comes next.”

About Revelry Brands

Revelry Brands is an investment firm focused on providing growth-stage private equity to unique, innovative businesses in the natural foods and consumer products categories. Our companies have management teams with proven track records, innovative offerings, and authentic stories that translate into successful lifestyle brands. Revelry’s commitment to investing hands-on operational expertise alongside our investment capital allows us to work with exceptional people and companies who are truly looking for a partner.

Founded in 2009, Revelry Brands is led by Brendan Synnott, co-founder and CEO of Bear Naked and co-founder of EVOL Burritos.  Revelry Brands is advised by a seasoned team of financial stalwarts and food industry innovators. Revelry Brands is based in Boulder, CO.

About Spier Consumer Capital

Spier Consumer Capital (“SCC”) is an investor focused on early stage consumer product opportunities.  SCC actively assists its management teams with operational strategies, annual operating planning, long term strategic planning, organizational design, compensation planning, strategic staffing, system and control implementation and key contract negotiation. Spier Consumer Capital was founded by Tom Spier, former COO of Bear Naked and co-founder of EVOL Burritos.

About EVOL Burritos

EVOL Burritos (, based in Boulder, Colo., is changing the way the world thinks about frozen burritos. Phil Anson, CEO, chef and founder, is very choosy about what goes into his 11 varieties of hand-rolled burritos: antibiotic-free chicken, pork, beef and chorizo sausage; cage-free eggs; traditionally made tortillas; herb-roasted skin-on potatoes; house-made green chile and salsas; and numerous local and organic ingredients. EVOL’s burritos, produced by Phil’s Fresh Foods LLC, are available at stores nationwide. You better believe this is all-natural, made-from-scratch deliciousness.