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Revolution Capital Group Buys CapXG

Los Angeles-based buyout shop Revolution Capital Group has taken a majority stake in the Capital Exchange, or CapXG, an interactive, web-based, networking site serving the financial community, the firm said Wednesday. Terms of the acquisition were not released.

Revolution Capital Group, a Los Angeles based private equity firm, has today announced a majority investment in the Capital Exchange, or CapXG, an interactive, web-based, networking site serving the financial community. The company connects Investment Banks, Private Equity firms, Hedge Funds, M&A professionals and lending institutions all through a free, interactive networking site. This marks Revolution Capital Group’s third transaction since its founding in 2009.
“There has been a tremendous amount of technical expertise and research put into this site. We feel that with Revolution’s operational and business development acumen, CapXG will become a staple resource for the financial community,” said Robert Loring, Revolution’s Founder and Managing Partner.
CapXG is an online conduit that connects financial institutions, private businesses and institutional lenders, and it is immediately accessible through a customizable software tool. Users are able to update, post and share their information at no cost.
Cyrus Nikou, Revolution’s Founding Partner, said, “We feel that CapXG is superior to the few competing sites out there, and fills a void that exists in the financial community. The site differentiates itself by its breadth of information, ease of use, technical construction and the fact that it is free to users.”
CapXG is also flexible in its architecture so it can respond to feedback from the financial community. It is the only free, dynamic, fully expandable, web based financial software database that exists today.
Gary Alcock, Vice President of M&A who led the transaction, said, “If you need to display or filter any Private Equity firm, M&A Professional or portfolio company — or require Senior, Mezzanine or ABL lender information — we have it. Users can also sort by revenue, industry, geography, and a host of other metrics to conduct either narrow or far-reaching database searches.”
CapXG operations will be led by Chongyang Luo, CTO and Operations Director for the Capital Exchange and Director of Technology for Revolution Capital Group.
About Revolution Capital Group
Revolution Capital Group is a privately funded investment firm focused on acquiring and operating controlling interests in companies that have solid business fundamentals with a view to long-term growth and value creation.
Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, and with a principal office in London, Revolution’s team has a wealth of experience in global acquisitions and operations and has executed transactions with some of the world’s largest companies.
Founded in 2010, CapXG is an online software firm based in Valencia, California. The Company has established an online database of financial sponsors, professionals, lenders and deals, and is currently used by financial institutions worldwide.