Rezon8 backs New Sapience

Rezon8 Capital & Advisory Group has made an undisclosed investment in New Sapience. Based in Baltimore, New Sapience is a tech company that is currently developing software to enable machine comprehension.


GREAT FALLS, VA–(Marketwired – Jan 19, 2016) – Rezon8 Capital & Advisory Group has announced it has made an investment in New Sapience, an early-stage technology company based in Baltimore, Maryland, that is focused on developing software to enable machine comprehension, an achievement that will result in the creation of the first actual Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) systems. Rezon8’s investment was made as part of a $1 million early seed round completed by New Sapience.

New Sapience is creating a technology called Modeled Intelligence (MI), which will allow machines to comprehend and communicate in multiple human languages, leading to the ability of machines to learn new human concepts and solve everyday problems. The objective is to finally fulfill the promise of machine comprehension and yield the long-sought-after capability of Artificial General Intelligence.

“Rezon8 is always seeking opportunities to invest in new and exciting technology-driven ventures, and New Sapience fits well into our growing portfolio,” said K. Paul Singh, Founder and CEO of Rezon8 Capital & Advisory Group. “We look forward to supporting New Sapience in future funding rounds and commercializing its technology.”

“We are excited to have Rezon8 as an investor in our seed round that was successfully closed out, and we are now moving into our Angel financing round prior to our Series A,” said Sean Reineke, President and CEO of New Sapience. “The USPTO has issued New Sapience the Notice of Allowance on our core patent application, and we are now aggressively ramping up our development efforts to accelerate getting to market.”

About Rezon8 Capital & Advisory Group
Rezon8 Capital & Advisory Group is a private equity firm based in Great Falls, Virginia, whose primary objective is to partner with founders and CEOs of technology-driven service companies at various stages in their growth cycles and across different industries. Rezon8 differentiates itself by investing its own capital as well as providing strategic and operational expertise to accelerate each portfolio company’s growth and profitability. Founded in 2011 by successful serial entrepreneur and global executive K. Paul Singh, Rezon8 is dedicated to making each of its portfolio companies commercially successful by remaining actively engaged with each company for the lifetime of the investment. Rezon8 has already invested several million dollars in its current portfolio companies, with investments ranging from $25,000 of seed capital in early startups to $2 million of growth capital in later stage companies. For more information, visit

About New Sapience
New Sapience is a technology company that is developing patent pending “Modeled Intelligence” (MI)/AGI products and applications to be used by and licensed to businesses and consumers. The company is confident its technology will find applications in every market where machine knowledge and comprehension has the potential to enhance existing capabilities or create new ones, ranging from personal/virtual assistants to enhanced search capabilities to autonomous/robotic systems. The company views every smartphone and intelligent device user as a potential New Sapience customer, along with all of the technology companies that target them. For more information, visit