Riverside Co. Promotes 25 Employees; Koeppen Named Managing Partner

The Riverside Co. said Thursday it has promoted 25 employees, including Kai Koeppen to managing partner. Chris Jones, of the Cleveland office, was made a partner for the Riverside Capital Appreciation Fund while Anne Hayes, of New York, was also named a partner for capital markets.


The Riverside Company recently promoted 25 employees following consistent growth for the global private equity firm and its four fund families. The promotions came as the firm increased its worldwide staff to roughly 200 professionals while growing the value of its overall portfolio and generating more than $630 million through 11 exits in 2010.

“It’s always a pleasure to announce promotions because they speak to the quality of our team and serve as a reminder of our success as a firm,” said Co-CEO Béla Szigethy. “In our business, you’re only as strong as your human capital, and ours has always been exceptional.”

Co-CEO Stewart Kohl said the promotions reflect the considerable work required to maintain Riverside’s place among the top buyout firms in the world.

“The last couple of years have been no walk in the park for private equity. Our folks have worked their pants off and kicked butt,” said Kohl. “The result of this is evident in our consistently superior returns and other accomplishments in 2010. We are delighted to be able to acknowledge their efforts in this significant way.”

Riverside’s promotions of senior investment professionals include:

·    Kai Koeppen to Managing Partner. Koeppen joined the firm in 2003 and has anchored the Riverside team in Munich and helped build the Riverside Europe Fund into a top-performing fund family that invests throughout all of Europe. He will focus on Riverside’s activities in Central and Eastern Europe and continue his leading investing role in the DACH region.

·    Chris Jones of the Cleveland office to Partner for the Riverside Capital Appreciation Fund (RCAF). Jones joined Riverside in 2003 as an Associate. He has been an active investor with Riverside and has worked on seven realizations, four of those as a Principal.

Other moves of senior personnel:

·    Anne Hayes of the New York office to Partner, Capital Markets. In this role, Hayes will manage Riverside’s relationships with partner lenders and securing credit on all new deals in the RCAF family in addition to supporting portfolio company credit work.

·    Peggy Roberts of the Cleveland office to Chief of Staff, RCAF. Roberts joined Riverside in 2004, and has worked in both transacting and operational roles. Her newly created position will assist the Fund Manager with a number of the administrative and operational aspects of managing RCAF.

Additional investment professional promotions include:

·    Erik Holmsen of the Dallas office to Principal
·    Alan Peyrat of the Cleveland office to Principal
·    Peter Tsang of the San Francisco office to Principal
·    Ivica Turza of the Munich office to Principal, Origination
·    Justin Kent of the Munich office to Vice President
·    Rafael Álvarez-Novoa of the Madrid office to Vice President
·    Jeroen Lenssen of the Brussels office to Vice President
·    Dan Haynes of the Cleveland office to Senior Associate
·    Damien Gaudin of the Brussels office to Associate
·    Marques Martin of the Cleveland office to Associate
·    Brad Resnick of the Los Angeles office to Associate
·    Marcelo Berger of the Brussels office to Analyst, Origination

The firm’s Shared Global Resources group made the following promotions:

·    Monica Chase of the New York office to Associate Director, Investor Relations
·    Debra Costanza of the New York office to Director of Administration, New York & Asia
·    Doug England of the Cleveland office to Associate Director, Fund Administration
·    Sarah Flaherty of the Brussels office to Marketing and Public Relations Manager
·    Anna Kelleher of the New York office to Associate Director, Fund Administration
·    Kara Kirby of the Cleveland office to Human Resources Coordinator
·    Henry Marshall of the New York office to Associate, Strategic Analysis and Sourcing
·    Sara Scaparotti of the Cleveland office to Payroll & HR Administrator
·    Manish Singhal of the New York office to Manager, Fund Administration

The Riverside Company (www.riversidecompany.com or www.riversideeurope.com)
The Riverside Company is a global private equity firm focused on acquiring growing enterprises valued at up to $200 million (€200 million in Europe). The firm partners with strong management teams and enhances its investments through acquisitions and organic growth. Since its founding in 1988, Riverside has invested in more than 250 transactions with a total enterprise value of more than $5.4 billion/€4.4 billion. The firm’s portfolio in North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region includes more than 70 companies with roughly 14,000 employees. Riverside completes acquisitions smoothly thanks to $3.4 billion/€2.7 billion in assets under management, more than 195 professionals in 19 offices, and longstanding relationships with partner lenders.