Rosetta founder launches new PE firm Rosemark

Chris Kuenne, the founder of digital marketing agency Rosetta (which was sold to Publicis Group for $575 million), has launched a new private equity firm Rosemark. Joining Kuenne as GPs are Seamus McMahon, Paul Gilbert and Ken Traub. Rosemark will focus on companies in the financial services, healthcare and business services sectors.


PRINCETON, N.J., Jan. 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Chris Kuenne, who founded digital marketing agency, Rosetta, in 1998 and sold it to Publicis Groupe in 2011 for $575M, has announced that he is retiring from the company to launch Rosemark, a private equity firm, and to focus on his teaching of high-tech entrepreneurship at Princeton University. (Publicis Groupe also announced his transition in a release dated January 16). In growing the company over 15 years, Kuenne created the first consulting-centered digital agency focused on personalized life cycle management. It continues to be the leading customer-engagement firm globally.
In his new role as Founder and CEO of Rosemark Capital Group, Kuenne plans to bring both financial support and operational experience to the firms in which Rosemark will invest. “It’s a huge differentiator in the marketplace,” he says. “Each of our General Partners has founded and run successful businesses, and will bring that insight and capability to each of our portfolio companies.”
Rosemark will specialize in firms that are IP-centered and tech-enabled and could scale through building out their sales and marketing capability. Says Kuenne, “We’ve found that companies that have cracked the code on a material economic problem through IP, and are using technology to leverage that impact, have the greatest potential to achieve explosive growth.”
Rosemark will focus in the financial services, healthcare and business services verticals, where each of the General Partners has direct experience: Seamus McMahon co-founded Novantas, which uniquely applied data analytics to financial services; Paul Gilbert is founder and CEO of MedAvante, a leading provider of clinical trials to pharmaceutical companies; and Ken Traub founded voice-recognition technology company Voxware, in addition to reviving ABNH, a pioneer in anti-counterfeiting technology.
Kuenne is also a professor at Princeton University of high-tech entrepreneurship. His teaching complements the firm’s research on the “4 Growth Cornerstones,” common characteristics of high-growth companies in the IP-centered, tech-enabled sector, the results of which will be published in late 2014. Designed to be an entrepreneur’s playbook, Kuenne is hopeful it will help provide replicable models of success for companies aspiring to achieve the kind of high growth and breakaway enterprise value of the companies profiled.
About Rosemark Capital
Rosemark Capital Group was founded by entrepreneurs to serve entrepreneurs. It focuses on applying its sales and marketing expertise to companies in the IP-centered, tech-enabled sector in financial services, healthcare and business services.