Sandwich Board Job Hunter Gets Hired!

It worked! The laid off Wall Streeter who handed out resumes on Park Avenue has found a employment.

Josh Persky, a former Houlihan Lokey consultant, captured the media’s attention this summer when he hit the streets in a sandwich board that read “MIT Grad For Hire.” After 11-odd months, plenty of interviews and many a TV appearance, the stunt resulted in a job at Weiser LLP, an accounting firm. Congrats, Mr. Persky.

The timing is impeccable. Just yesterday I referred to Persky in a story on unconventional job hunting tactics in finance. The story was inspired by an MBA grad who posted his resume in the back of the taxi he’s driving to pay the rent.

Even though sandwich-board-guy was successful, I wouldn’t recommend either of these techniques since both involve playing the media, and the story would get repetitive. Not to mention, employers might be wary of a hype-machine.

Which is why playing the media wasn’t what actually got Persky the job. As it turns out, his employer was impressed by his blog, This corresponds beautifully with the advice I pulled from Robert Scoble yesterday:

Start a professional blog. It could be about economics, six sigma, TARP, or whatever you are interested in and an expert on. It won’t lead to frenzied calls from Henry Kravis, but by writing interesting posts and linking to other well-connected blogs, it’s a great way to hoist yourself from obscurity and network. Likewise, it’s a way to stay sharp and keep up with the news when not working. You don’t need to be fancy; I know plenty of people who have gotten job interviews, leads and contacts through very modest blogs.

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