Sankaty DIP Fund Beats Target

Sankaty Advisors, the credit affiliate of Bain Capital, has closed on $672 million from 740 investors for its DIP Opportunities Fund, according to regulatory filings. That includes $388.4 million in commitments from 446 U.S. investors and $284.58 million in commitments from 294 offshore investors.

Since our last update on this fund (yes, slow news day), we’ve learned that the reason Sankaty has so many investors to dollars is that the firm is marketing this fund to high-net-worth individuals rather than the traditional investors in private equity funds (pensions and endowments) or usual sources of DIP lending (banks).

Specifically, a J.P. Morgan Securities feeder fund is obtaining many of the commitments. It’s obviously been a successful fundraise, considering we had pegged the fund’s original target at $400 million. According to an investor, the fund has a two-year investment period with fees of 1.75% on commitments, and Sankaty anticipates returns of between 12% and 15% for the entity.

The firm also is looking to raise $750 million for Sankaty Middle Market Opportunities Fund, and $400 million for Sankaty DIP Opportunities Fund.

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