Satori Capital acquires Ranger Wireless

Satori Capital has bought Ranger Wireless Solutions. No financial terms were disclosed. John H. Ofenloch Jr. has been named president and CEO of Ranger Wireless. Based in Dallas, Ranger Wireless is a technology-enabled service provider to the wireless telecom sector.


DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Satori Capital, a private equity firm that partners with companies operating with a sustainable approach, has acquired Ranger Wireless Solutions, a technology-enabled service provider to the wireless telecom industry. Ranger Wireless’ patented service connects roaming wireless subscribers to their provider’s customer care center when they dial 6-1-1. As the exclusive dedicated provider of 6-1-1 customer care services, Ranger Wireless serves more than 40 carriers in the United States and Canada, and connects nearly 11 million calls each year. The 6-1-1 service is free of charge to customers of wireless carriers.
“Satori has been looking to acquire a portfolio of IT and telecom service providers, and Ranger Wireless serves as an excellent platform to realizing this vision,” said Sunny Vanderbeck, managing partner for Satori. “As the domestic leader in wireless customer care, Ranger is positioned well to expand its offering internationally as consumer expectations are increasingly global.”
Plans for Ranger Wireless include providing additional outsourced services to its blue-chip customer base of wireless telecom providers. Although many of Ranger Wireless’ forthcoming growth initiatives will be organic, the company and Satori are actively seeking acquisition opportunities in the sector.
Heading up Ranger Wireless will be John H. Ofenloch Jr., who has been named president and chief executive officer in conjunction with Satori’s acquisition. Ofenloch has more than 20 years of technology management experience, with a focus on telecommunications, Internet services, and integrated optic manufacturing. “It costs wireless carriers hundreds of dollars to acquire a single customer,” Ofenloch said. “Ranger’s 6-1-1 service not only helps wireless carriers retain their customers, it provides a great service to wireless users, immediately connecting them to customer care free of charge.”
Like all CEOs of Satori-backed companies, Ofenloch is dedicated to running Ranger Wireless in a sustainable manner. This means working consciously to improve its relationship with all of its stakeholders, including employees, shareholders, suppliers, customers, strategic partners, and the community.
About Satori Capital
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About Ranger Wireless Solutions
Dallas, Texas-based RANGER Wireless Solutions® has more than 17 years of experience supporting the wireless telecom industry. We are dedicated to using our technology and knowledge to advance the wireless telecom industry, and to provide our customers with the service and tools they need to better serve their subscribers. RANGER currently serves more than 40 wireless carriers, reaching a population in excess of 330 million subscribers in more than 5,500 cities throughout North America.