Savvis Denies Hiring Qatalyst To The Wall Street Journal

Last week, I reported that Savvis, the data center operator, had talked to Qatalyst Partners, the investment bank founded by tech i-banker Frank Quattrone, about a possible sale. I cited three sources. I also included a separate person saying any hiring wasn’t definitive and another source saying that Savvis has been out hunting for a banker.

Basically, I gave you all the information that I had and even referred to it as “rumor.” A Savvis spokesman declined to comment in an email.

I have since received a more strongly worded email. “Savvis has not hired Qatalyst Partners,” wrote Laurie McGrath, Savvis’s VP of marketing. “We remain committed to our business proposition and our clients.”

This morning, I emailed McGrath and asked that Savvis CEO Jim Ousley respond to the rumors and address whether they’ve recently talked to Quattrone, his group, whether they’re shopping for a banker or considering strategic alternatives.

I’ve heard nothing back. I’ve left messages and even talked to McGrath, who said she would get back to me. I’ve heard nothing.

This afternoon, the Wall Street Journal apparently spoke to Ousley and he is denying that they’ve hired Qatalyst.

Well, gosh. You’d think I’d merit at least a response. Since I’ve reported the story, I’ve heard from some additional sources who say that I’m right and I stand by my story.