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I was the first of my friends to get married, which prompted lots of questions about how I was handling my “new” life. “It’s just the same as it was before,” I said, “except I now have more plates.” After all, I had been living with my girlfriend/wife for several years (yes, slap me for […]
Carlyle Group co-founder David Rubenstein last July gave a keynote address to ACG Boston, in which he mentioned that the buyout market should have a dedicated trade group in Washington. An audience member joked during Q&A that it would be tough for any lobbyist to have better governmental access than what Carlyle already enjoys, but […]
Today’s column fell apart at the last minute (kind of like the National League), so just a few quick notes:  *** When athletes say that it’s not about the money, it’s usually about the money. When multiple VCs give multiple reasons for leaving the same firm over a short period of time, it’s usually about […]
Have you ever seen one of those television segments where a monkey is brought in to make stock picks alongside Wall Street analysts? The monkeys occasionally prevail, which makes for the most compelling pseudo-business programming since CNBC launched the Dennis Miller show.  I actually haven’t seen one in a while, perhaps because the trained monkeys […]
I have spent the past two weeks in legitimate vacation mode, during which time I checked email or voicemail messages only when I tired of playing Madden or eating a variety of BBQ-grilled foods. What this means, of course, is that I have only a passing knowledge of what has happened in the private equity […]
Today’s guest column comes from Om Malik, founder and editor of, a daily news and analysis website following technologies, innovation and startups.   Skype,, Netvibes, and StarDoll – what do these startups have in common? First, they are all backed by Index Ventures, a London-based venture fund formed by Danny Rimer, a former […]
The sun is shining, geopolitical diplomacy is failing and the Big Dig debacle is playing havoc with my Framingham-to-South Boston commute. In other words, it’s time for some Friday Feedback.  First up were responses to Thursday’s note about In-Q-Tel, in which I suggested that organizational troubles have, at least partially, caused three high-profile defections in less […]
Last week, ComVentures announced that it had hired Bob Barron as a venture partner. I received the press release while in the middle of a phone conversation, and mentioned it to my conversant. His response: “Sounds like they’re trying to get some good news out before everyone learns about the bad news.” Unfortunately, he wouldn’t […]

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