Seattle-based Lighter Capital Adds Molly Gregg

Lighter Capital has named Molly Gregg Otter as vice president. Otter was previously a vice president at AEA Investors. Lighter Capital is based in Seattle.


Lighter Capital, a pioneer of the revenue-based financing model, today announced the appointment of Molly Gregg Otter as Vice President.

Prior to joining Lighter Capital, Otter was a Vice President at AEA Investors LP, one of the oldest private equity investment firms in the United States with more than $5 billion in assets under management, where she played a key role in closing the first mezzanine fund and worked to establish the organization’s four mezzanine and senior debt funds investing directly in middle market companies. She evaluated lending to hundreds of companies and was directly involved in over 25 portfolio investments while serving as a member of the team.

Earlier in her career, Otter worked as an Associate at American Capital Strategies, a business development corporation. Prior to American Capital Strategies, she was at GSC Partners where she worked as a generalist, evaluating and making investments in their private equity, collateralized debt obligations, and distress debt funds.

“Molly is a rare financial talent who will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our lending practices,” said BJ Lackland, CEO of Lighter Capital. “She will have a strong influence on how we manage and scale our high volume, next-generation credit evaluation systems and processes. I’m looking forward to working closely with Molly to build upon our early success and to provide small businesses rapid access to the capital they need.”

Lighter Capital and Revenue-Based Financing is intended for early-stage businesses that have established success and are primed for growth, but are cash-constrained and need access to capital with no loss of control and no fixed repayment schedule. Lighter Capital has developed a software platform to automate the investment application and evaluation process, accelerating the loan process for entrepreneurs, while also improving Lighter Capital’s scale and investment returns.

“Lighter Capital is not only forging an alternative funding option for small businesses, but it’s also disrupting the traditional investment methodology by ushering in the Capital-as-a-Service approach,” Otter said. “I’m excited to be part of the Lighter Capital team and for the opportunity to introduce new technologies and much needed change to the small business financing industry.”

About Lighter Capital

At Lighter Capital, we’re breaking down the barriers to small business growth funding. Our revenue-based finance model exchanges growth capital for a fixed percentage of the company’s revenues. This structure is more flexible, easier, and faster than traditional lenders, making us “lighter” than the marble and mahogany of the antiquated banks. Since late 2010, Lighter Capital has funded a range of businesses – from goat-milk ice cream to Software-as-a-Service – all excellent businesses that have been overlooked by traditional banks and venture capitalists. Lighter Capital is a venture-backed, non-bank investor of its own funds, not a broker or intermediary.