Second Opinion

Former GE CEO Jack Welch resigns from his writing gigs for Reuters and Fortune following some critical coverage of him by the outlets.

Fortune responds to Welch: Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Getting to know Twitter CFO Ali Rowghani.

Rich San Franciscans unite in a new promotional video in hopes of making the city’s tax system friendlier to their tech companies.

Realogy, operator of Century 21 and other real estate businesses, enjoys a major comeback thanks to some private equity wizardry.

The 10 brands to lose the most value so far in 2012.

Oh, no. Javelin Venture Partners met with those horrible self-described entrepreneurs from Bravo’s Silicon Valley reality show. (See the 51 second mark in this clip to watch the puzzled VCs listening to one of their pitches.)

Five financial bloggers to follow.

A 32-year-old dummy in Florida dies after winning a roach-eating contest.

Photo: Image courtesy of Reuters