Second (To Last) Opinion 5.6

Founders Fund: Raised $107 million from 21 investors. (SECVentureBeat)

Freak Out! You may have noticed the markets kinda crashed a bit today, and of course, CNBC was there to cover it. Watch Erin Burnett and Jim Cramer flip out as the market collapses and rebounds (the rebound, of course, Cramer takes personal credit for). (CNBC) Cramer then claims the machines broke. NYSE says they were just fine, according to this random guy on Twitter. (Clusterstock)

And also: To recap, here is the big sell off. Here is the recovery.

Bon Appetit! Yelp is expanding to France. (Bits)

Big Deals: Blackstone, TPG and THL are looking to buy Fidelity National. (Dealbook)

Just for Fun: A profile of Disneyland’s night crew, and what happens after dark in the theme park… (LA Times)