September Issue of VCJ: It’s Full of Data

Tim Berners-Lee, the British scientist and one of the real inventors of the Internet, once said, “Data is a precious thing and will last longer than the systems themselves.”

At Venture Capital Journal, we happen to agree. Data analysis. Market insight. Business intelligence. Facts and figures. Whatever you want to call the collection and parsing of data we provide, it has become a priority for VCJ staffers when putting together the monthly magazine and when posting stories on our Private Markets website (subscribers only).

We strive to provide exclusive data about every aspect of the venture business from beginning to end. Or from startup to exit, as we cover such key metrics as deals, fundraising, exits, IRRs and more.

We know it resonates with subscribers because we can see the pageviews on our site. Our regular Fund Performance stories and Data Spotlights are often the most clicked-on stories online for the week.

Thus, you should notice something very much different in this current September issue of VCJ (a digital edition is available here for subscribers). We compiled much of our data-heavy content and placed it in an easy-to-find section of the magazine called Data Center.

Some of the content in the Data Center should appear familiar, such as the Fund Performance stories that are often written by VCJ Senior Editor Mark Boslet. In this month’s issue, he looks at the reported IRRs from state pension funds in Oregon, Pennsylvania and Oklahoma. Another familiar data-related feature comes from our other Senior Editor Joanna Glasner, who this month looks at Yahoo’s latest acquisition fervor, the multiple exits that preceded Foundry Group’s recent fundraise and how some young companies have shot out of the gate with huge rounds.

But we’ve also added some new features that leverage our Thomson Reuters database, such as the Dashboard, which takes a quick look at the volume of deals, fundraising, IPOs and M&A for the most recent month. In this issue’s case, we look at how things change from June to July. Spoiler alert: Only fundraising improved month-to-month.

The debut of the Data Center doesn’t mean that the rest of the magazine will have no data. On the contrary, this month’s cover story by Mark is on the growth of early-stage deals and is full of compelling stats, as are other articles.

So dig in. Enjoy the data. Email me and let us know what you think or if you have any ideas for additional coverage.

Photo of “touchscreen with financial data” from Shutterstock.