Service Journalism At Its Best

Hello? Is anyone out there? The last week of August is the slowest business week of any year, but in the gruesome year we’re having, more financial types than usual have fled to their houses in the Hamptons or Connecticut. The one person I got on the phone today gave me some great advice: If you post anything, it should be the train schedule out of here.

So for the handful of you out there, go to the jump for a recessionary toast, a list of my accomplishments for the week, and of course, the train schedules…

Metro-North’s “Labor Day Getaway Service
New Jersey Transit’s “Labor Day Getaway Service

Just so this post has some merit, here are my reasons to celebrate the onset of the year-end push, which will commence at 9am EST Tuesday morning. Thank God.

  • Unofficial count of deal announcements this week: 20 measly deals.
  • Unofficial number of calls unreturned: >30
  • Unofficial number of interviews cancelled because the source is out of the office: 6
  • Unofficial number of times I’ve gotten stuck in tourist foot traffic on my way to our Times Square office: ?? (my calculator broke trying to compute this one)

So, in the true recessionary spirit, Happy Labor Day!