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SezWho Buys Tejit

SezWho, a Los Altos, Calif.-based provider of ratings and reputation services for online communities, has acquired Tejit, a provider of semantic intelligence solutions. No financial terms were disclosed. SezWho last year raised $1 million in first-round funding from KPG Ventures.


SezWho (, a universal profile service for the social web that engages communities and enables content discovery, today announced its acquisition of Tejit, a provider of semantic intelligence solutions. The integration of Tejit’s proprietary semantic intelligence-based discovery engine will bring richer, context-based profile and reputation management capabilities to the SezWho service. To be useful across different types of social media, profiles and reputation have to be localized and linked to the context of the conversation. In this way, thought leaders emerge within and across communities based on their specific expertise and contributions.

The acquisition enables SezWho to provide more precise contextual reputation scores for contributors based on topics of conversation. In this way, users can build their reputations in specific areas increasing their social capital. Unlike comment replacement systems, SezWho augments conversations rather than replacing blog comments. With SezWho, posts and comments can be ranked across blogs, forums, and other social media. Data and content reside within the community, while users can access their universal profiles across social media sites.

SezWho has begun integration of Tejit’s semantic-analysis engine, which uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and semantic matching technology to identify topics, sentiments and entities present in web content. Building on the elements of Semantic web and advanced information retrieval techniques, like entity recognition and text classification, this new technology locates the relevant discussions and content around topics of interest. The use of algorithms to rank content differs from the traditional citation-driven approach, allowing for a deeper interpretation of content and more accurate reputation scoring.

“The integration of this innovative semantic analysis technology with our own universal profiles, content discovery and reputation services allows SezWho to more closely emulate how communities flourish on the long tail as we provide more precise context-based reputation scoring for those who contribute,” said SezWho CEO, Jitendra Gupta. “The traditional method of content discovery based on the similarity of content is not adequate for connecting conversation across social sites in a meaningful way. A new level of context-sensitive, semantic discovery is required to reflect all the layers of users’ participation across the social web, and to track their contributions in a way that is universally relevant both within and across communities.”

The SezWho service captures valuable information about the history and expertise of individual contributors, encourages more thoughtful commentary, and cultivates community engagement. Community participants use SezWho to rate one anothers’ posts and comments by indicating whether the content was useful or not. This rating is added to cumulative rankings, providing an overall score associated with individual profiles and allowing visitors to demonstrate their expertise and knowledge throughout all SezWho-enabled sites.

Tejit CEO Indus Khaitan will join SezWho to head SezWho’s development efforts. Khaitan began Tejit in 2007 as a personal project when he became frustrated reading duplicate content from the 1000+ blogs he had bookmarked. Tejit expanded its analysis capabilities across millions of blogs. Khaitan brings a decade of software development and product management experience to SezWho. In 2003, while at Symantec, Khaitan launched the company’s first internal blog and coined the term “Writable Intranet,” which has come to represent Enterprise 2.0. Khaitan was an early proponent of syndication using feeds and contributed to the RSS 1.0 specification in 2001.

About SezWho

SezWho (, launched in June 2007, is a universal profile service for the social web that engages communities and enables content discovery. SezWho’s sophisticated reputation engine informs and improves conversation across distributed social spaces, including blogs, forums, social networks, wikis, and any site with collaborative content. SezWho encourages a more engaged community by inspiring commenters to leave more insightful comments, as well as having readers vote on the feedback of others.