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Sigma3 Launches from FusionGeo-Prism Seismic Merger

Sigma3, a new software technology and services company focused on the oil and gas industry, has been created out of the merger of FusionGeo Inc. and Prism Seismic Inc. Backed by Symphony Technology Group, the company provides software, training and services designed to advise oil and gas companies where and how to drill the most prolific wells. The company is based in San Antonio, Texas.


San Antonio, Texas – September 19, 2011 – SIGMA³ Integrated Reservoir
Solutions TM (SIGMA³) announced its launch today at the Society of
Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) annual meeting, supported by the
acquisition of FusionGeo Inc. (Fusion) and Prism Seismic, Inc.
(Prism). This new company brings together the talent, technology and
science of industry innovators Fusion and Prism, with a broad vision
and a strong industry-leading team, led by CEO Jorge Machnizh,
President & COO Luis Sanmiguel, CTO Alan Huffman and Chief Reservoir
Engineer Udo Araktingi. SIGMA3 is backed by Symphony Technology Group
(STG), a strategic private equity firm with the mission of investing
in and building great software and service companies.

“SIGMA3 is creating a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary, and
technology-led solutions provider that can be a strategic and unbiased
partner to oil and gas companies in their quest to find new reserves
and produce maximum output from their assets,” said Jorge Machnizh,
CEO, SIGMA3. “By merging complementary and best-in-class technologies,
along with a set of industry-leading science and consulting
capabilities, and with the support of our investors, we will continue
to invest in innovative technologies and deliver offerings to the
market more quickly to address industry challenges and create
something exceptional for our customers.”

The newly launched SIGMA3 will serve as an unbiased solutions partner
that will work with its customers to achieve new levels of financial
performance and accelerate Time-2-Cash (T2$)TM by enabling accurate,
efficient and unparalleled reservoir understanding, resulting in
improved drilling and production of reservoirs. Oil company clients
will drill more prolific wells and achieve better sustainable
production while developing unprecedented reservoir understanding,
well positioning and field development planning, and production
optimization across their portfolio.

“With the increasing challenges of finding new reserves and maximizing
asset development and production, we believe customers will benefit
significantly from the creation of a strong strategic partner that can
help address a wide range of analytical and planning challenges
required to drive efficient and productive deployment of capital,”
said J.T. Treadwell, Managing Director, STG. “Our vision for SIGMA³ is
to create a solutions partner for the industry with excellence in
technology and in multi-disciplinary projects that does not have an
oil field services agenda coloring the discussions. I am also excited
to be developing this vision with this executive leadership team.
Jorge, Luis, Alan and Udo are excellent strategic and operational
leaders, and together they have an exceptional track record in the
industry of creating high-performance companies on top of strong
technology-led solutions teams.”

Prism’s Continuous Fracture Modeling (CFM) solution creates a unique
integration of Geophysics, Geology, Petrophysics, Reservoir
Engineering and advanced workflows. This is the first industry
solution that creates a predictive model that accurately shows where
natural fractures are, their orientation, their porosity and their
permeability. This innovative solution results in higher initial
production rates, increased Expected Ultimate Recovery (EUR) and
optimized well plans, ultimately resulting in improved predictable
financial performance.

Fusion is a leading provider of integrated geophysical, geological and
reservoir engineering technologies and services to the global oil and
gas industry. Fusion is the undisputed leader in Geohazards and
Geopressure Prediction and also offers Reservoir Geophysics and Earth
Imaging and modeling Analysis capabilities, along with expert oil
finding skills.

“We have been very pleased with how well the companies are coming
together, as there is a tremendous amount of value to be generated for
our customers with the synergy of these different technologies,
disciplines, and areas of expertise,” said Luis Sanmiguel, COO,
SIGMA3. “Each component of SIGMA3 is a technology leader in its own
right, and yet the combination of technologies and talent becomes
something that will be unique to the industry, a team of
technology-driven and successful oil finders.”

The SIGMA3 management team is comprised of Jorge Machnizh, CEO, Luis
Sanmiguel, President and COO, Alan Huffman, CTO) and Udo Araktingi,
Chief Reservoir Engineer, together providing a balanced commercial,
technological, operational and science leadership with considerable
worldwide experience and recognition in the oil and gas industry. The
talented resources of the two companies were a major factor in the
acquisitions and SIGMA3 is able to count on a diverse global team of
senior exploration and production experts that have delivered
successful projects in over 50 countries for leading petroleum
companies globally. Together, the combination of technology and people
will set the company apart from its peers, with a strong legacy of
“oil finding” DNA.

About Symphony Technology Group
Symphony Technology Group (STG) is a strategic private equity firm
with the mission of investing in and being a partner in building great
software and services companies. In addition to capital, STG provides
transformation expertise to enable its portfolio companies to deliver
more value to clients to retain and attract the best talent and to
achieve best-in-class business performance. All STG portfolio
companies are expected to grow through innovation. STG’s current
portfolio consists of 14 global companies with combined revenue of
$2.5 Billion and 15,000 employees spread evenly across North America,
Europe and Asia.

About SIGMA3 Integrated Reservoir
SIGMA³ is a leading technology provider for the oil and gas industry
that advises oil and gas companies where and how to drill the most
prolific wells, while maximizing their production. The company offers
a full suite of software, training and products, with expertise in a
variety of geophysical services, including Earth Modeling & Imaging,
Reservoir Geophysics, Continuous Fracture Modeling, and Geohazard