Sign of the Times: Rubenstein’s Book Suspended Indefinitely

Come this time next year, bookshelves will be stocked with tales of Wall Street woe, as publishing houses have been gobbling up proposals from Gasparino, Lowenstein, McLean, Nocera, Sorkin, etc.

While we anxiously await more information on what Jimmy Cayne stuffs in his pipe, let’s take a moment to eulogize at least one book for which the economic collapse is a burden rather than a boon: “Beyond Wall Street: Inside The Rise Of Private Equity And The Future Of Investing,” by David Rubenstein, co-founder of The Carlyle Group.

peHUB first discovered the book on Amazon back in May 2007, at which point a HarperCollins rep told us that the release date had been pushed back from August 2007 to early 2008. So we pre-ordered one, and waited. And waited. And waited.

But there was no book at all in 2008, and it’s not likely to come out in 2009. At least not with the tagline: “How The Most Successful Buyout Firms Are Changing the Future Of Investing.” In fact, the book’s Amazon page no longer features either the cover photo or publisher information.

I emailed Carlyle spokesman Chris Ullman for an update, and was told: “The book is still simmering but not a top priority at this point. No publication date set.”

Methinks it’s undergoing some serious revisions, but I’d sure like a copy of the original manuscript…