Sign of the Times?

I want to share the lovely press release my colleague got today from PA SERS, the pension system for Pennsylvania State Employees. This is apparently what we reporters get to work with when nothing happens at a meeting.

From: Gentzel, Robert
Sent: Wednesday, January 28, 2009 4:46 PM
To: ‘Reporters covering PA SERS’
Subject: no news release

I don’t have anything to announce out of today’s meeting of the PA SERS Board, so I won’t be issuing a news release.

That’s it. A “No News Release.” Now, I’m unsure of the reason behind the dearth of activity at the meeting, (was everyone hungover from an office karaoke party?), but will speculate that the lack of new commitments at the meeting is further proof of a tough fundraising market. Joked my colleague: “Everything is so bad, I bet no one bothered to even go to the meeting.”