SkilaMederi Names Weiss CEO

SkilaMederi, a portfolio company of BelHealth Investment Partners, has appointed Kilian Weiss as CEO and Dr. Richard Nichol as chairman of the board.  Drew McCartney, SkilaMederi’s ex-CEO, will remain the board and focus on being an operating partner for BelHealth. SkilaMederi provides key opinion leader and launch management solutions using software and social network analytics to pharmaceutical companies.


SkilaMederi, a leading provider of key opinion leader (KOL) and

launch management solutions using software and social network analytics serving the life science

industry, is pleased to announce the appointment of Kilian Weiss as Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

and Dr. Richard Nichol as Chairman of the Board. Drew McCartney, former CEO of SkilaMederi, will

continue to remain on the Board and will focus on his role as an operating partner at BelHealth

Investment Partners.

Harold S. Blue, Managing Partner of BelHealth Investment Partners LLC (BelHealth), and former

Chairman of the Board of SkilaMederi, said “Kilian is one of the pioneers of the use of social

analytics in the pharmaceutical industry and has a deep understanding of what the market needs.

He is also the single largest shareholder of SkilaMederi.  I am confident that with this appointment,

the company has the expanded leadership to build on its existing strengths and is well-positioned

for rapid growth. In appointing Dr. Nichol as Chairman, the Board has been very impressed with

Dr. Nichol’s insight and vision for the company and believes, as Chairman, Dr. Nichol can

effectively guide Kilian and the rest of the organization to establish SkilaMederi as the de facto

standard in product launch management and social analytics solutions.”

Commenting on his appointment as CEO of SkilaMederi, Kilian Weiss said “I am excited to be

assuming the role of CEO. SkilaMederi benefits from significant relationships with several of the

largest life sciences companies and I look forward to expanding those relationships.  This is an

exciting period and we have a stellar team to capitalize on our unique positioning in the


“Having spent a significant time on strategy and positioning with Kilian and the rest of the

SkilaMederi team over the past four months, I am convinced of great opportunities ahead and I

look forward to utilizing my experience in the life sciences industry to guide the team as

Chairman,” said Dr. Richard Nichol.

Drew McCartney said “as the CEO of Skila and as an operating committee member of BelHealth,

over the past seven months we have accomplished our interim goal of rebuilding our

infrastructure for growth and consummating the merger with Mederi, which is a perfect fit both

strategically and tactically. With Kilian at the helm, we look to SkilaMederi as a breakout player in

the segment. As an active board member, I am thrilled with the opportunity to mentor Kilian. This

move also allows me to direct my focus toward growing and managing healthcare companies as a

member of BelHealth’s operating committee.”

Simon Mason, the President of SkilaMederi, said “Social media intelligence is transforming the way

business is conducted in Big Pharma. Having spent 15 years at Skila and more than 20 years in the

pharmaceutical industry I have never been more positive or excited about what we can now

provide to our customers. I am looking forward to working closely with Kilian during this exciting


About SkilaMederi

Combining unparalleled

analytics, crowd sourced knowledge extraction mined from the knowledge of thousands of

experts, SkilaMederi helps pharmaceutical companies tap into the value of big data. SkilaMederi

collaborates with clients to help them maximize time to market while reducing market uptake and

reimbursement risk for brands. SkilaMederi has a global presence with offices in Morris Plains,

New Jersey; Frankfurt, Germany; London, U.K.; and Lviv, Ukraine.

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