Slide Show: Audience Opinion At Buyouts Chicago

At our Buyouts Chicago conference last week, we tried out an audience-response technology, so the participants at the event could vote on issues of interest.

Among other things, our crowd said Mitt Romney will win the Republican nomination for president in 2012 but Barack Obama will win the general election, the next economic slump won’t occur 2016 or later, and it is better today to be a seller than a buyer of companies.

Click below for full results.


[slide title=”1.) Who will win the Republican presidential nomination?”]

[slide title=”2.) Who will win the presidential election in 2012?”]

[slide title=”3.) Where was the bottom of this past economic cycle?”]

[slide title=”4.) When will the next bottom be?”]

[slide title=”5.) SEC registration for PE firms will end up being:”]

[slide title=”6.) Given where we are in the economic cycle, it’s a great time for a PE firm to be:”]

[slide title=”7.) What is the top reason you are NOT buying companies right now?”]

[slide title=”8.) What’s the reason you are NOT selling right now?”]

[slide title=”9.) In their portfolio companies, buyout firms are a net creators of jobs:”]

[slide title=”10.) Across PE portfolios, earnings outlooks are:”]

[slide title=”11.) On the whole, PE fundraising in the next 12 months will be what, compared to the trailing 12 months?”]

[slide title=”12.) In your estimation, what percent of PE funds existing today will never raise another fund? “]

[slide title=”13.) Beyond returns, what is the most important aspect of a manager to an LP?”]

[slide title=”14.) Partnership terms and conditions for funds raised in the next year, compared to the previous fund, will be:”]

[slide title=”15.) Investors should expect the following median returns, net of fees, on vintage 2011 buyout funds:”]

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