Snow Phipps recruits Sturdivant as an operating partner

Snow Phipps Group has hired Don Sturdivant as an operating partner. Sturdivant is the former CEO of FleetPride and Marietta.


NEW YORK, Sept. 22, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Snow Phipps Group announced today that it has added Don Sturdivant as an Operating Partner. In his new role, Mr. Sturdivant will primarily focus on investment opportunities in the packaging industry drawing on his senior leadership experience to identify and execute the most interesting investment opportunities. Mr. Sturdivant has more than 30 years of experience in the packaging industry and has served as the CEO of several companies owned by private equity firms.

Ian Snow, CEO and Partner of Snow Phipps Group, said: “Packaging is a highly attractive industry for middle market private equity investment. We believe that Don is an excellent addition to our industrial practice and that his significant operating expertise and proven ability to create value will lead to a successful partnership for Snow Phipps.”

“I look forward to working closely with Snow Phipps Group as they seek to capitalize on positive trends and consolidation in the packaging industry,” said Mr. Sturdivant. “I chose to work with Snow Phipps because of their proven Operating Partner approach and dedicated focus on industries with positive investment trends. I’ve spent the vast majority of my career in the packaging industry and I’m confident that our partnership will be highly successful.”

Previously, Mr. Sturdivant was CEO of several PE-owned portfolio companies following a successful career in packaging. Mr. Sturdivant was most recently CEO of FleetPride, the largest distributor of truck and trailer parts in the independent heavy-duty aftermarket channel. Previously Mr. Sturdivant was CEO of Marietta, a supplier of hotel amenities to the major hotel chains internationally and contract manufacturer to leading consumer packaged goods companies in both the personal and household care markets. Prior to Marietta, Mr. Sturdivant was COO of Altivity, which was formed as the result of merging Smurfit Stone Container’s Consumer Packaging Division and Field Container. Prior to Altivity, he worked in various leadership roles at a variety of packaging companies including Graphic Packaging and Fort James. Mr. Sturdivant is a board member of Douglas Dynamics (NYSE: PLOW) and has held board member positions with Fleetpride, Marietta and AOT Bedding Super Holdings. Mr. Sturdivant served as a member of the United States Army as a Chemical Corps Officer. Mr. Sturdivant received his MBA from the Florida Institute of Technology and BS from the University of Maine.

Snow Phipps’ Operating Partner strategy relies on experienced senior industry executives who improve and expand transaction sourcing, apply their expertise to the due diligence process, and execute value creation business strategies.

About Snow Phipps Group
Snow Phipps is a private equity firm focused on middle-market control investments. Snow Phipps targets platform companies with enterprise values ranging from $100 million to $500 million. The firm utilizes an operating partner model to invest across the industrials, services and consumer industries and seeks value creation through an operationally focused strategy.