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So, What’s Your Fund Management Company Worth Now?

Sure, you’d rather stay private.

That’s what all the smaller private equity firms say. But with yet another firm, The Carlyle Group, starting to trade its shares publicly today, you might be curious to figure out what your firm would be worth if you chose to do the same. The table below intends to give you a template to figure it out.

The table features two of the important financial metrics PE firms use to calculate their overall value, assets under management and economic net income. The Carlyle Group, for example, priced shares in its IPO offering at $22 per unit, valuing the firm at approximately $6.7 billion before shares began to trade on an exchange.

Two of the firms in the table, Fortress Investment Group and Oaktree Capital, do not use economic net income, instead relying on distributable earnings and adjusted net income, respectively. Those numbers can be found in the footnote

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