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Sonen Capital collects $75 mln for sustainable real assets fund

Sonen Capital has raised $75 million for its global sustainable real assets fund. According to the firm, the fund has already made eight commitments “addressing affordable housing, clean energy, green real estate and timber in Africa, Asia and the U.S.”


SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 23, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Sonen Capital announced the final close of its Global Sustainable Real Assets Fund (the “Fund”), a $75 million private global real assets impact investment fund. The strategy seeks to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon environment, promote resource use efficiency and increase the stock of land, water and trees under sustainable management. To date the Fund has already made eight commitments addressing affordable housing, clean energy, green real estate and timber in Africa, Asia and the U.S. The fund achieved its capitalization target with contributions from a global mix of family offices, foundations, and financial institutions.

Commenting on the close, Raul Pomares, Founder of Sonen Capital, noted that “Together with our LPs, we will work to meet our impact objectives of sustainability, efficiency, renewability and restoration with strong returns by investing in a global portfolio of high-quality real asset managers. The Fund will be diversified across sectors, strategies, investment stages and geographies. We are excited about the opportunity to address head-on the pressing challenges of natural resource scarcity and broad climate change through the deployment of these assets.”

Bob Goldstein, CEO of Sonen Capital, added, “We are thrilled with the close of Sonen’s first private fund, and are deeply thankful for the support and confidence of our limited partners. The work of diligently producing long-term environmental sustainability along with attractive financial returns has already begun, as evidenced by the capital we have already deployed and the robust pipeline we have developed.”

About Sonen Capital
Sonen Capital LLC is a registered investment adviser dedicated to serving the impact investment field. We believe that investment capital can help meet large-scale global challenges. Our name is derived from Social and Environmental investing, and reflects our values and our conviction that investing to generate financial returns and lasting social and environmental impact are not only compatible, but also mutually reinforcing objectives. The information set forth herein is not intended to be and should not be construed as investment advice.