Speaking of Billionaire Businessmen

Donald Trump wouldn’t be Donald Trump if he didn’t occasionally interrupt his daily routine to seek vengeance on a foe.

According to several New York gossip columns, the object of Trump’s ire today is attorney David Scharf of New York law firm Morrison Cohen LLP. He has just slapped the firm with a $5 million lawsuit for the “rank commercialization” of his gold-plated name at its Website, where it has apparently been advertising Trump as a client since winning him $2 million in a case against one of his former contractors.

The Donald, never one to mince words, says the suit boils down to the fact that he doesn’t like the firm, its fee structure, or Scharf. “All I do is fight with these guys,” he told the New York Daily News. Meanwhile, Scharf says Trump still owes him a portion of his $600,000 legal tab.