Spencer Trask Sells Aperture

Spencer Trask has sold Aperture Technologies Inc., a provider of software for managing the physical infrastructure of data centers, to Emerson (NYSE: EMR). No financial terms were disclosed. Get more info.



Spencer Trask, a leading private equity firm focused on breakthrough ideas with far reaching impact and potential, today announced the sale of Aperture Technologies, Inc. to Emerson (NYSE: EMR). The sale of Aperture is yet another example of Spencer Trask's approach to building market-leading companies by deploying its network of prominent industry and subject matter experts to help emerging companies realize their full potential. The sale of Aperture follows the recently announced sale of another Spencer Trask coup; the January sale of Boston-based Health Dialog to UK-based BUPA for $775 million.


“When we first backed Aperture, few investors or enterprises realized the importance that data centers would have in determining the competitive landscape of the new millennium. Today, it is hard to find an individual or business that doesn't rely on data centers to make it through the day. Data centers are the brains and the memory banks of modern life,” said Kevin Kimberlin, chairman of Spencer Trask & Co.


Aperture is the leading global provider of software for managing the physical infrastructure of data centers. Aperture's VISTA product suite delivers the planning, management and real-time monitoring of data center resources. With Aperture VISTA, organizations can now take control of increasingly complex equipment, space, power, cooling, network and storage infrastructure.


Aperture, with the help of Spencer Trask, has grown to serve many of the world's largest companies, including half of which are Fortune 1000 and Global 500 organizations. The range of industries that rely on Aperture includes financial services, telecommunications, insurance, government, retail, pharmaceuticals and others.


Aperture and Health Dialog are recent examples of Spencer Trask's unique direct investment program. Spencer Trask actively seeks investors who are distinctively qualified to help a specific venture achieve its goals.


In Aperture's case, Fairfield County's Bill Clifford, the former chief executive officer of The Gartner Group, was initially tapped as a potential investor. Bill was invited to join the board of directors in 2003 and subsequently took over as chief executive officer of Aperture in 2005.


“We connected with Bill through another local member of our network, Joe Henson who thought given his experience, might be interested in more than investing,” Kimberlin said. “Our networks-within-networks approach allows us to harness the brain power of some very talented individuals. This is how we helped grow Aperture to a position of world leadership.”


Kimberlin credits Aperture's success to the active engagement and experience of its investors which is clearly illustrated by the activities of its board of directors. Joe Henson is the former chief executive officer of two very successful technology companies: Prime Computer and LEGENT Corp. Henson discussed and debated the strategy, operations and talent assessments. Joe Farrelly has an unparalleled record as a serial Fortune 500 chief information officer, the main purchaser of data center software. Farrelly is chief information officer of Interpublic Group, and former chief information officer at Aventis, Vivendi, Seagrams and Nabisco. With Farrelly's extensive background and network, he provided credibility to Aperture's customers that they could trust a small company. Lastly, the Board added Robert Nichols, co-chairman of Price Waterhouse to give Aperture financial integrity. These directors, by being so involved in the business were able to make a big impact by sharing their wisdom with the management of this dynamic company.


Spencer Trask collaborates with its network of high-net-worth investors to support firms that are pioneers in healthcare, technology and the environment. Roles within invested companies include board membership, advisory roles and, occasionally roll-up-your-sleeves management.


“After achieving everything I have at this point in my life, I was interested in making a difference. Spencer Trask brought me that opportunity with Aperture,” Clifford said. “Not only was it a great business with a tremendous investment opportunity, but I was energized by the chance to build a market leading company. Data centers are rapidly becoming as crucial as the public utility.”

This comes on the heels of the 15-fold investment return on the Health Dialog sale.


About Spencer Trask & Co. and Spencer Trask Ventures

Spencer Trask is a private equity firm that transforms bright ideas into great companies. Through a collaborative network of business leaders, domain experts and co-investors, Spencer Trask builds market-leading companies with a sustainable competitive advantage. Network members invest on a deal-by-deal basis rather than through a fund. Spencer Trask Ventures is a wholly owned subsidiary of Spencer Trask & Co. For more information, please go to: www.spencertrask.com.


About Aperture

Aperture is the leading global provider of software for managing the physical infrastructure of data centers. Aperture's solutions reduce operational risk and improve efficiency through the planning and management of data center resources and real-time monitoring of the environment. Aperture delivers the best practice processes that enable organizations to take control of an increasingly complex physical infrastructure including equipment, space, power, cooling, network and storage.


With over 20 years of experience, Aperture provides organizations with the information required to optimize their data center operations, delivering better services at the lowest cost. Aperture's customers include the world's largest companies, half of which are Fortune 1000 and Global 500 organizations. For more information, please go to: www.aperture.com.