Raises $330K In Seed Round said it raised $330,000 in seed money from angel investors and is seeking a second round of investment. The social startup for entertainers has launched an alpha site.


New Entertainment Startup Launches with $330K in Seed Investment

Website Offers Promotional and Networking Platform for the Entertainment Industry

November 22, 2011 –, a new social startup offering a professional platform for entertainers, has just launched its open alpha site. From the start, the platform will be actively reaching out to “talent” users to fill the site with original content. Founded in early 2011, the company raised $330K in seed money from angel investors and is currently seeking a second round investment.

Stagee is an entertainment platform designed to help talent reach new audiences and find professional opportunities. Stagee also introduces global audiences to a new kind of entertainment experience.

“Our vision is to help great talent find the audience and the industry access to realize their dreams,” said Lior Maimon, Co-Founder and CEO of Stagee. “Stagee will also simply be a place where anyone can find great entertainment.”

Stagee talent profiles provide a visually rich showcasing environment where users can upload videos, show reels, tracks, photo spreads, and blog posts. Users can create and maintain a buzz with social tools and build their audience while earning points for views, votes and ratings.

“We designed Stagee specifically to serve the needs of actors, comedians, musical artists, models, and dancers who are working hard to gain and maintain exposure on a large, even global scale,” said Maimon. “Besides hard work, the two things you need to succeed in this business are a strong fan base and good contacts. This is where Stagee comes in. We believe that Stagee will change the way performers find opportunities in the entertainment business.”

Stagee was launched to fill a void in the social Web where no social networking platforms have existed exclusively for the specific career needs of entertainers.

“Every technology decision was made with intense thought and focus into making sure that Stagee will be a friendly and comfortable nest for talent; and with a great view,” said Ofer Zelig, CTO of Stagee. “We are confident that entertainers will see Stagee as a strong social tool for self promotion that is customized for their industry.” has been in development over the past year and will continue to release innovative features that will help talent find and grow their audience.