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Sterling Partners backs Amerigo Education

Sterling Partners has made an undisclosed investment in Amerigo Education. Chicago-based Amerigo Education helps international students gain acceptance into elite U.S. universities.


CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sterling Partners’ Education Opportunity Fund announced today its investment in Amerigo Education, a company that partners with elite American high schools to support their international students and prepare them for acceptance into selective U.S. universities. Amerigo uses an approach centered on excellent academic outcomes to ensure international students thrive both in and out of the American classroom.

The team behind Amerigo is intricately attuned to the burdens, concerns and challenges shared by many teachers and administrators who work closely with international students. After decades of combined industry experience at companies like Deltak (acquired by John Wiley & Sons in 2012), Shorelight Education, Meritas, the Cristo Rey Network and Navitas, the educators, program specialists and experts at Amerigo created a solution that emphasizes success and growth which reaches far beyond just academic and support services.

“I am thrilled to work with a team of people and partners who are truly motivated by one mission – to provide the best experience and care for international high school students,” said Craig Pines, Chief Executive Officer at Amerigo. “We’ve created a solution that many international students desire but currently do not find at U.S. high schools – parental guidance, language-learning support, support to adjust to American community and classroom norms; the list goes on. We provide all the resources our students require to be successful in high school, college and beyond. If we and our current and future partners succeed at that, the ripple effect ultimately benefits everyone in today’s global community.”

“With emerging global economies and rising middle class wealth, the demand for high-quality education is expanding. Populations around the world are looking more and more for access to our U.S. education system,” said Jason Rosenberg, Managing Director of Sterling Partners’ Education Opportunity Fund. “The existence of Amerigo means that international students at a younger age are much better prepared for college and to survive and thrive well beyond. And as we transition to a more global community, those educational and cultural experiences Amerigo students have truly benefit everyone, regardless of where you live. We’re interested in working with leaders and companies that are transforming American education and Craig Pines at Amerigo is doing just that.” Amerigo is the third investment made out of the Education Opportunity Fund, Sterling’s first-ever sector-focused fund.

Each student at an Amerigo campus is nurtured throughout the duration of a thoughtfully designed program that creates a pathway to admittance to one of the top 200 American universities. This is done by providing a college preparatory education, English language training and cultural immersion opportunities in a safe and supportive dormitory-style residential community.

Every element of the program is focused on student outcomes and the highest level of student satisfaction. In addition, existing students at American preparatory schools benefit from the program as Amerigo fully integrates international students to create a cohesive global culture.

“We are being selective in terms of the high schools with whom we partner,” said Pines. “We are seeking partners who are committed to creating a diverse student body for the right reasons. Amerigo is committed to ensuring students achieve their academic goals, but that’s just the beginning of our mission.”

Amerigo seeks to build a strong cohort of strategic partners comprised of college preparatory schools in safe environments, with dedicated faculty and administrators who want to diversify their student body in order to move all students down the path to global education.

Comments from some Amerigo partners:

“Lexington Catholic High School has internally managed its international student program for several years. While it has been successful, we lacked the range of support resources our students needed to thrive,” said Dr. Steve Angelucci, President of Lexington Catholic. “We have been blessed to meet the Amerigo team and incorporate their experience and resources into our school. We now have the ingredients for an exemplary support program for our international student population that we are fully confident will translate into a truly inclusive environment for all of our students. After having worked with the Amerigo staff, it now seems archaic to continue with our program without their extensive means of support. The Lexington Catholic-Amerigo relationship is one we are truly excited about. We expect it to become an integral part of who we are as a school.”

“Amerigo students will expand the opportunities for open communication with others from distinctly different cultural backgrounds and help to build cross-cultural understanding,” said Vincent J. Krydynski, President of Marian Catholic High School. “By bringing our community and international students together in the loving, caring and academically challenging environment found at Marian Catholic, young men and women will not only come to appreciate how unique they are, but perhaps more importantly, how much they are alike. Ultimately, these students will be the foundation for greater global harmony.”
About Amerigo Education

Amerigo supports international students at elite U.S. high schools with a holistic and supportive approach that emphasizes excellent academic outcomes. We help international students seeking a preparatory education in the United States thrive both in and out of the American classroom. Combining a nurturing boarding environment, supplemental academic support, English language development, and an approach oriented around successful college outcomes, Amerigo prepares students with the skills, values, and care required to succeed in high school, at the college level, and beyond. For more information, visit

About Sterling Partners’ Education Opportunity Fund

Sterling Partners is a private equity firm with a distinct point of view on how to build great companies. Its eighth investment fund, the Education Opportunity Fund, was launched in partnership with USA Funds in April 2015. The Fund’s objective is to invest in purpose-driven companies and partner with high-performing leaders that are taking an innovative approach to transforming the education landscape. The Education Opportunity Fund will target investments where it can make between $10 million and $25 million of equity capital commitments to growth-stage, technology-relevant businesses. For more information, visit