Summify Launches, Backed by Accel & Angels

Summify launched today in Vancouver, British Columbia, a company founded by Mircea Pasoi and Cristian Strat. Investors in the social media company were Accel Partners, Rob Glaser, Stewart Butterfield, Steve Olechowski and Boris Wertz.

VANCOUVER, BC – March 30, 2011 – Today marks the launch of Summify, a new company founded by former Google and Microsoft interns and backed by its first round of seed funding. Investors include Accel Partners, Rob Glaser (RealNetworks), Stewart Butterfield (Flickr, Tiny Speck), Steve Olechowski (Google, FeedBurner), and Canadian super angel Boris Wertz.
For connected people with hundreds of friends and followers, it’s impossible to keep up with relevant news, and what friends are saying, sharing and posting. Summify analyzes and filters your streams, so you can read less but get more out of it.
Summify distills the social web, boiling down the torrent of daily information from Facebook, Twitter and Google Reader into a summary of the top five or ten most important and relevant stories that day. An easily consumable summary arrives in email or on the web, with mobile coming soon. Try it for free at
Summify is based on a highly refined algorithm that analyzes, among other things, what people you interact with most, what stories your friends are sharing most, and global reaction in social media to important stories worldwide.
Company founders Mircea Pasoi and Cristian Strat have been programming together since high school in Romania. They built two successful services there, connecting programmers to competitions and jobs, and were pursued for full-time jobs by Google and Facebook. Opting for entrepreneurship, they relocated to Vancouver to start up Summify.
Rob Glaser said: “Most people would say that they only see a fraction of what they are following on the social web. There’s a lot of good stuff, but also a lot of noise. Filtering out the noise and finding the signal is a huge problem that nobody else has been able to effectively address. Based on using Summify and working with Mircea and Cristian for the past 3 months, I think they’ve created a breakthrough product.”
Tiny Speck CEO and Summify investor Stewart Butterfield said: “Mircea and Cristian are both very talented young programmers with the business brains required to do something amazing with their ideas. They are also a strong addition to the growing tech community here in Vancouver.”
Summify Co-Founder Mircea Pasoi said: “Summify is a way for people to look at less information, spend much less time doing it, and get more out of it. We believe we are solving a fundamental social media problem for consumers. We really value the support of our investors and advisors in this endeavor.”
Summify intelligently filters and summarizes social media feeds so you can read less and get more out of it. The venture-backed company is headquartered in Vancouver, BC. Read about the co-founders journey at For more information and to sign up go to