Sun Capital Losing Pair of Execs

Sun Capital Partners got hit with a pair of resignations this week: David Blechman, a principal in the firm’s New York office, and Douglas Werking, a vice president of operations in its Florida shop. No word yet on either of their destinations. Blechman seems to be leaving immediately (he’s already off the website), while Werking will remain on through the end of August.

Blechman had been with Sun since 2006, before which he spent five years as a vice president with The Blackstone Group. Werking also joined in 2006, after having served as a managing director with another turnaround firm.

This leaves Sun with 45 senior investment and operational pros, and it’s planning to hire new junior staffers later this summer (get those resumes ready). One would think that it might first try to hire back some of the legions it laid off earlier this year, but that doesn’t really seem to be the plan (location issues, it appears).

The firm’s most recent deal was an add-on for PaperWorks Industries, which bought The Specialized Packaging Group.