SwanCap raises about $528 mln for fund

SwanCap has closed its newest fund at 433 million euros (approximately $528 million), beating its target of 400 million euros. SWAN III will focus on the private equity mid-market in Europe and North America via a combination of primary funds, direct co-investments and select secondaries. The fund’s limited partners includes institutional investors, public and corporate pension funds, insurance companies, endowments, foundations and large family offices.


SwanCap held the final close for its latest fund at €433m, comfortably exceeding its €400m target. SWAN III (“Private Equity Opportunities Fund III SCS”) provides exposure to the private equity midmarket in Europe and North America via a combination of primary funds, direct coinvestments as well as select secondaries.

The LP base of SWAN III includes many institutional investors, public and corporate pension funds, insurance companies, endowments, foundations as well as large family offices. As per today the Fund has already closed 20 transactions and as such deployed c. 50% of total commitments across all three investment strategies.

SwanCap Partner’s Co-CEO, Dr. Florian Kreitmeier said: “SwanCap´s demonstrated ability to select and access attractive opportunities in our segments, as well as the strong performance of the predecessor program, has made Swan III a compelling proposition for our high caliber investor base. We are thankful for the support of a diverse group of both new and existing SwanCap investors.”

SwanCap Partner´s Co-CEO, Dr. Andreas Bohn added: “We endeavor to provide our investors with access to high-quality investment opportunities in an increasingly competitive market.

And we strongly believe our thoughtful investment approach and investment philosophy with a focus on capital preservation, value creation and high quality assets offers investors a compelling investment opportunity and delivers enhanced returns.”
Claus Mansfeldt, Chairman of SwanCap´s AIFM in Luxembourg: “Our 17year track record and consistent and proven investment strategy allows us to identify and get access to a large set of attractive investment opportunities. The SWAN III portfolio exhibits already today a very balanced diversification across best-in-class managers, a variety of industry sectors, geographies and investment strategies.”

About SwanCap
SwanCap Investment Management S.A. together with its advisor SwanCap Partners GmbH is a leading independent Investment Management Platform with c. €3 billion of assets under management across offices in Munich, Luxembourg (own AIFM), Milan and New York.

SwanCap is specialized in the Private Equity buyout segment offering an “integrated investment strategy” to its predominantly institutional investors by combining private equity primary investments, direct co-investments and select direct secondaries.
High caliber institutional investors as well as large family offices from Europe, North America and Asia rely on SwanCap to achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns on their invested capital.

Institutional investors include private and public pension plans, insurance companies, public sovereign wealth funds and fund-of-funds. For over 15 years SwanCap is specialized in the Private Equity asset class. SwanCap follows an “investment boutique approach” with a deliberate limitation on both the breath of its investor base and the number of parallel funds and mandates in order to avoid allocation conflicts.

Distinct access to attractive and mostly restricted investment opportunities in the buyout segment as well as a deep and institutionalized due diligence process are pivotal to SwanCap´s investment approach. The firm´s investment philosophy is based on capital preservation and protection with a focus on high quality assets and asset conviction. For more information about SwanCap please visit www.swancap.eu.