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T-Venture Backs Cost Xpert

T-Venture, Deutsche Telekom’s venture capital company, has backed Cost Xpert AG. The Augsburg-based innovative solutions provider main skillset the systematic cost estimation of IT/software projects.

T-Venture, Deutsche Telekom’s venture capital company, invests in Cost Xpert AG. The core competency of the Augsburg-based innovative solutions provider is the systematic cost estimation of IT/software projects. The company’s unique expertise has brought about a paradigm shift in IT and, as is the case in the production sector, facilitates integrated IT industrialization. The investment al-lows the solutions provider, active in the market since 2007, to create additional ser-vices to cater to the significant increase in demand, especially over the last two years.
Cost Xpert has developed the Integrated Methodology-driven Estimation (IME) solu-tion, which ensures the integrated and transparent planning and management of even the most complex IT projects. As a result, IME determines the value contribu-tion at each level of the IT value chain. “Our goal is the »industrialization of IT ser-vices and optimized controlling and management throughout the value chain«. To this effect, we systematically standardize and benchmark the IT landscape of green-field projects as well as provide solutions for standardized service catalogs. Applying scientific methods, we structure requirements, optimize processes, create absolute transparency of all relevant factors and thus set up a neutral framework for integrated IT industrialization. The involvement of T-Venture shows their confidence in us and our vision. We would like to express our thanks to a reliable partner who consistently promotes our sustainable growth strategy”, expresses Joachim A. Gielnik, CEO and founder of Cost Xpert AG.
The success story of Cost Xpert AG started at Telekom Deutschland in the area of IT sourcing. Thanks to the fruitful collaboration between the two partners, significant savings potentials have already been implemented. “The systematic identification and analysis of cost drivers provides overall transparency during the various project phases. This allows us to have a monetary assessment of individual functions and initiate a discussion on the cost-benefit ratio of individual requirements. Conse-quently, we create and foster a healthy business relationship based on trust and co-operation with our IT service providers. At the same time, we put ourselves in a posi-tion to conduct professional and fact-based negotiations. This way, the Procurement and IT units together can generate significant savings for the Group,” explains Dr. Volker Pyrtek, Chief Procurement Officer, Deutsche Telekom AG.
IT service providers on the other hand benefit from a flexible yet solid planning and decision-making basis when implementing their IT/software projects. Thanks to simu-lations, benchmarking and comprehensive analyses, not only are the various poten-tials but also monetary savings clearly visible in the early project phases itself. Fur-thermore, the offering and project planning phases are significantly shortened, whereby productivity is increased. The result is the efficient and effective planning and implementation of even the most complex IT projects and the realization of long-term competitive advantages.
About Cost Xpert
Cost Xpert AG was founded in 2005 by Joachim A. Gielnik and Benedikt H.-C. Barbe in Augsburg, Germany. Following the acquisition of Cost Xpert Group, Inc., the long-term, San Diego-based market leader in estimation, IME was first launched on the market in 2007. The methodology, based on scien-tifically proven methods and models, is key for realistic estimates for all relevant factors, over the en-tire lifecycle, across all domains and industries. By virtue of this, the Cost Xpert methodology is a prac-tical, intelligent platform for the creation of a sound and transparent decision-making basis for the op-timum planning and safe implementation of even the most complex IT/software projects.

About T-Venture
T-Venture Holding GmbH was founded in 1997 as a 100% subsidiary of deutsche Telekom AG. Since then, T-Venture have invested in young companies that demonstrate economic and technological synergy with the business ideas of Deutsche Telekom and who also promise an above-average poten-tial for growth. The company is based mainly in Bonn and supports and supplements the commitment of T-Venture of America Inc. in Foster City, Silicon Valley and in Seattle. Regional areas of core in-vestment activity are in Europe, the United States of America and in Asia. Currently T-Venture man-ages the T-Mobile Venture Fund, the Connected Life and Work Fund, the T-Home Venture Fund, the T-Systems Venture Fund, and the T-Corporate Venture Fund.