TA Sells Logistics Health Stake to Gunderson Lutheran

TA Associates has sold its ownership stake in Logistics Health, a LaCrosse, Wis.-based health care delivery system serving patients in western Wisconsin, southeastern Minnesota and northeastern Iowa, to Gundersen Lutheran. No financial terms were disclosed. TA originally backed Logistics Health back in 2003, with a $72.5 million investment.

Officials with Logistics Health Incorporated (LHI) are pleased to announce that Gundersen Lutheran and management have purchased TA Associates’ interest in the company.

“TA Associates was a valuable partner for many years and we are pleased to welcome a new local shareholder to continue strategic growth in our community,” explained Logistics Health CEO Donald J. Weber. “Gundersen Lutheran is not only an ideal investor, whose strengths will present opportunities for us, but the organization is also an excellent cultural fit. Their values as a company are a good match with ours.”

Weber explained, “This investment is a move to be celebrated. This is good news for Logistics Health, good news for our employees, and good news for the 7 Rivers Region.”

LHI is committed to keeping their growing business in La Crosse, and sought a local investor to help solidify that goal. There are several examples of local companies that have transitioned ownership to non-local investors, resulting in many good jobs leaving the area. Along with LHI management keeping their personal investment in the business, the investment relationship with Gundersen Lutheran directly supports and virtually ensures keeping the company based in La Crosse.

“The agreement with LHI allows Gundersen Lutheran to invest in the local economy and support job growth. As with any business, Gundersen Lutheran is committed to seeking out opportunities that will lead to a solid future for our organization. This is an appropriate financial investment for Gundersen Lutheran,” said Gundersen Lutheran Board of Trustees member Greg Prairie. “This investment truly is a positive for the entire La Crosse community. It allows Gundersen Lutheran to support a business that employs our neighbors, friends and families.”

Logistics Health Incorporated provides occupational health services to employers with geographically dispersed employees. Through a network of health care providers and logistics and distribution capabilities, LHI performs physical and dental exams, immunizations, and other occupational health services delivered both in-clinic and at on-site locations throughout the world.

Headquartered in La Crosse, Gundersen Lutheran is an integrated health care delivery system providing primary and specialty health care services to people in 19 counties in western Wisconsin, southeastern Minnesota, and northeastern Iowa. Founded more than a century ago, the physician-led organization now employs nearly 700 medical, dental and associate staff and more than 6,000 support staff at its hospital and clinics.

LHI will continue to be headquartered in La Crosse, Wis., and its business operations will continue to function independently.

About LHI

Logistics Health Incorporated (LHI) provides innovative health care management solutions for government and commercial organizations throughout the United States and beyond. Established in 1999, LHI is supported by a national network of more than 25,000 medical, dental, and behavior health providers, and has more than 700 employees in the Coulee Region and more than 800 nationwide. As an organization dedicated to protecting the individuals who protect America, LHI designs, implements and manages a broad spectrum of services ranging from occupational health and wellness programs, medical and dental readiness services, and health data technologies. LHI is committed to responsible corporate citizenship through volunteerism, community service and philanthropy. More information is available at www.logisticshealth.com.