VCs Are Interested in Stuff Besides Social Media (Really)

(Reuters) – Mobile, biotech and e-commerce all have one thing in common: they are among the next wave of startups that have caught the eye of venture capital.

In the past year, social media companies such as Facebook, Zynga, Groupon and LinkedIn have stolen the limelight as the fastest growing space for venture funds.

Still, they make up just one area, and even a minority percentage, of investment for a number of venture capital funds.

“Social media companies are leading the charge, capturing people’s fantasy,” Axel Bichara, a partner at Atlas Venture, told a panel at the Reuters Global Technology Summit Venture Capital in New York on Wednesday. “If you look at venture capital companies as a whole, it’s a really broad and deep

VCs from Accel, Atlas and Google Ventures Are Skeptical of Secondary Market Trading

(Reuters) – Venture capitalists are wary of the secondary markets that have soared in popularity with investors looking for a piece of action in private companies like Facebook, Twitter and Groupon.

The secondary markets, which enable the exchange of shares in privately held companies, are a black hole because private companies are not required to disclose financial information.

“It is scary and I would be very careful before doing any such deals,” Axel Bichara, a partner with Atlas Ventures, said during the venture capital panel at Reuters Global Technology Summit on Wednesday in New York.

Bill Maris, a managing partner at Google Ventures, said secondary market trading creates all types of market forces

France Telecom In Talks to Buy Dailymotion Stake

France Telecom is in talks to buy a 49% stake in French video sharing site Dailymotion, a company which is backed by venture and private equity firms including Atlas Ventures and Partech, Reuters reported. The venture funds would sell a portion of their shares, Reuters said. France Telecom would pay 58.8 million euros ($80.29 million) for the stake.

EnglishCentral: Keeping Non-English Speakers from Becoming Laughingstocks

Mangling the pronunciation of foreign languages is a longstanding American tradition, but many foreigners aren’t as blithely indifferent about their English-speaking skills. In fact, Alan Schwartz is betting that millions of young professionals abroad are keen to speak English as natively as possible. Enter his year-old Boston-area startup, EnglishCentral, an online language tutorial site that employs proprietary speech […]

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