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First Read ushers in your morning with news that Apple Music is facing antitrust scrutiny, Tokio Marine plans on acquiring HCC Insurance for $7.5 billion and a new survey says Google is the most attractive employer among European business students.


peHUB First Read

First Read navigates the Nor’easter with news Deutsche Bank has been charged with tax fraud, diversity slowly grows in the venture capital world and the price of oil just keeps falling.


peHUB First Read

The Obama Admin approved a bail-out related tax inversion in 2009, the spotlight is on a little known company that developed a secret ebola serum and panic-selling of properties in London amid housing bubble fears.


peHUB First Read

To take you into this Memorial Day weekend, First Read has news that dry powder is 23% higher than forecast, DARPA is using the Oculus Rift to train cyber-soldiers, insight into KKR Capstone and America’s new subprime problem: auto loans.

Obama Campaign Steps up Bain Attacks on Romney

(Reuters) – President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign on Monday stepped up its criticism of Mitt Romney for cutting jobs when he was a business executive, despite a warning from a leading Obama supporter that the attacks have gone too far.

A Love Affair with Obama Cools, But Is It Over?

In one of the more surprising revelations to come out of Walter Isaacson’s new, best-selling biography of Steve Jobs, Jobs apparently told President Obama last year that he was “headed for a one-term presidency” if he didn’t adopt more business-friendly policies that would make the U.S. more competitive with China. As news organizations glommed on […]

Question of the Week: Will bin Laden’s Demise Help President Obama Get Re-Elected?

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Dunkin’ Brands filed for a $400 million IPO yesterday, but somehow that news — or any business news — just doesn’t seem that important. The death of Osama bin Laden has dominated headlines all week.

U.S. Navy Seals killed bin Laden last weekend in an attack that would make Jack Bauer proud. Since then, OBL’s demise has dominated the news.

Today we’ve learned that the White House will not be releasing pictures of Bin Laden’s corpse and that OBL wasn’t armed when he was killed. U.S. intelligence sources have known for years that bin Laden wasn’t living in a cave but in a comfortable villa in Abbottabad, Pakistan. OBL’s wife, who was with him in the Abbottabad compound, tried to save him and was shot.

Obama Talks Cleantech, But Investors Turn To Asia And China

President Obama weighed in on the global energy debate again Thursday with a call that the United States reduced its use of imported oil by a third. This decade-long goal is a welcome and ambitious target. But it will likely meet resistance from global-warming Republican skeptics. In fact, even as Obama spoke, critics of climate […]

Quadrangle’s Media Offensive: UPDATED

Quadrangle Group went on the offensive today, sending a letter (see link below) to LPs detailing fund performance progress, portfolio company activity and personnel developments at the firm while reaching out to the media. The idea was to cut through recent headlines that suggest a firm falling apart since the departure of founder Steven Rattner to one that is transitioning to more of a portfolio manager. I’ll have a more in-depth story in the upcoming issue of Buyouts.

Quadrangle execs Michael Huber and Joshua Steiner (who will be transitioning out of day-to-operations at the firm) stressed in an interview that the firm has been concentrating on aligning Quadrangle’s interests with its investors. To that end, the firm has reduced management fees. Managing Principals Huber and Peter Ezersky also plan to invest millions into the firm and devote a cut of their carry to continuing staff and new staff to keep them motivated.


Facebook Co-Founder Chris Hughes on Gladwell, Palin, ‘The Social Network’ and His New Startup, Jumo

Last week, the New Yorker published a piece by Malcolm Gladwell, in which “The Tipping Point” author argued that “social media evangelists” vastly overstate the value of social media in activism. I disagreed with much of the piece, but more interesting is the perspective of Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes, who led most of the company’s product […]

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